PennDOT PA 41

PA 41 Improvement Project




PA 41 at Route 841 Studies and Coordination Are Ongoing

A preferred alternative has not yet been selected. There are two remaining alternatives and they both include a roundabout design, which involves re-aligning the Route 841 approaches to the intersection.

In February 2022, PennDOT held the first Section 106 Consulting Party meeting where the project team described the project alternatives and discussed the historic properties in the project area to the Section 106 consulting parties. The historic properties are the Chatham Historic District, the Chatham Hotel, and the John I. Carter Farm.

The project team will be submitting the project’s Alternatives Analysis Report to PennDOT in October 2022. This report will recommend a preferred alternative. The report will be reviewed by PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). After that, it will be provided to the Section 106 consulting parties and the second Consulting Party meeting will occur.

The general public will be informed of the preferred alternative. The team will then commence preliminary design (PE). During PE, the preferred alternative will be fine-tuned and additional environmental studies will be conducted.