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PA 41 at Route 841 Intersection

Project Information

PA 41 at Route 841 Intersection

This project involves addressing the safety and operational needs at the Route 41 (Gap Newport Pike) intersection with Route 841 (London Grove Road) in the Village of Chatham in London Grove Township, Chester County. The PA 41 at Route 841 intersection has been included in several studies and was recommended for further study in the conclusions of the PA 41 Planning Study completed in 2010. In July 2014, the project team completed a Traffic Study that evaluated capacity, summarized crash data, and presented the results of road safety audits (RSA) conducted for the PA 41 and PA 841 intersection as well as a couple of adjacent intersections in the PA 41 corridor.

Purpose and Need and Alternative Selection Process

The Purpose and Need statement is the foundation of all transportation improvement projects. The need identifies the key problems that are to be addressed by the project. The problems should be quantifiable, based on fact, and supported by data.  The traffic study effort was used to develop the project’s Purpose and Need Statement. Alternatives for this intersection were initially developed as part of the 2015 Planning Study for the PA 41 & PA 841 Intersection.

Based on comments and analysis conducted to date, there are currently two alternatives remaining- Alternative 5A and Alternative 5B. The project team submitted an Alternatives Analysis Report to PennDOT in October 2022. This report evaluated the alternatives studied for this intersection and recommended a preferred alternative. The report will be reviewed by PennDOT and the FHWA. After that, it will be posted on this website.

Historic Properties

Running parallel to alternative development is the Section 106 Process. We accomplish Section 106 consultation with a combination of meetings, mailings, and postings on PennDOT Project PATH. PATH is a publicly accessible site and provides project documents that were sent to the consulting parties.

In February 2022, PennDOT held the first Section 106 Consulting Party meeting where the project team described the project alternatives and discussed the historic properties in the project area with the Section 106 consulting parties. The historic properties are the Chatham Historic District, the Chatham Hotel, and the John I. Carter Farm. Once the Alternative Analysis report is approved, it will be provided to the Section 106 consulting parties, and the second Consulting Party meeting will occur.

If you are interested, the following link provides a summary of the cultural and natural resource laws and regulations PennDOT must follow: Resource Laws and Regulations.

Opportunities for Public Comment

  • PennDOT held a June 2019 Public Plans Display.
  • The general public will be informed when the Alternative Analysis Report is approved by PennDOT and FHWA. This report will be posted on this website.
  • Comments throughout this process are welcome and encouraged. Please provide your comments using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Project Schedule and Next Steps

ALTERNATIVE ANALYSIS – To be Completed by Summer 2024

  • Approval of Alternatives Analysis Report
  • 2nd Section 106 Consulting Party Meeting
  • Public Outreach regarding recommended preferred alternative


  • Preliminary Design includes developing and refining: geometric design, drainage & stormwater management design, conceptual maintenance and protection of traffic concepts; and preliminary plans for ROW acquisition.
  • Environmental evaluation includes: public outreach, regulatory agency coordination, refining design concepts to avoid/minimize impacts; agricultural land used coordination; completing hazardous/residual waste studies; Section 106 coordination, Section 4(f) evaluations, and preparing NEPA documentation.


Once preliminary engineering studies have been completed, the final design process will proceed. Final design activities include: development of construction plans, utility coordination and relocation design, acquisition of right-of-way, and environmental permitting.


Construction activities will proceed upon completion of all final design activities.

Project Contact

Project Manager, Steve Fellin

Phone: 610-205-6821


The project documents will be made available in alternate languages or formats if requested. If you need translation/interpretation services or have special needs or have special concerns that require individual attention, contact the PennDOT Project Manager.

Current Alternatives

Dismissed Alternatives