PennDOT PA 41

PA 41 at Route 926 Intersection

Project Purpose and Need

A project’s purpose and need sets the foundation of all transportation projects. For the PA 41/PA 926 intersection, the purpose of the project is to provide an opportunity for all citizens to make safe movements at the intersection and to accommodate future traffic demands. The need identifies the key problems associated with the intersection. The problems are quantifiable, are based on fact, and are supported by such factors as traffic data, safety and crash data, and accessibility.

The project needs are as follows:

  • PA 926 crosses PA 41 at a skewed angle. This skew causes the following problems.
    • Vehicles have a longer distance to traverse while crossing or turning onto PA 41, resulting in an increased period of exposure to conflicting traffic.
    • Drivers have more difficulty turning their heads/necks to have an adequate line of site. This is exaggerated in older drivers or with trucks as the truck body may obstruct the view as well.
    • The north and southbound left-turn traffic from PA 41 overlap each other and cannot make the maneuvers concurrently.
  • Eighty-fifth percentile running speeds average 10 mph higher than the posted speed limit.
  • Sight distance is limited with the intersection skew and a crest in the road to the north of the intersection.
  • Traffic currently operates in LOS E and is forecasted to operate in LOS F on the westbound approach of PA 926 in the design year (2035).

Alternative Selection Process

A Final Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report was developed based on engineering studies, plus public input gained from project workshops and from comments received on the draft report. The final preliminary report provided a list of alternatives (Alternative 3, Alternative 4, and Alternative 5) to be carried forward into detailed studies. Hard copies of the report are available for viewing at Londonderry Township and can be viewed using the links on the right. Alternative 2 did not receive public support and had greater environmental impacts compared to other alternatives studied. An impact matrix comparing the alternatives was provided to the public.

Since the June 12, 2017 public meeting, PennDOT’s project team has met with local officials and state and federal resource agencies to discuss a recommended preferred alternative. A decision to move forward with Alternative 3 as the preferred alternative was made. An independent roundabout consultant, contracted by Londonderry Township, reviewed Alternative 3. Some of the suggestions provided are being incorporated into the design. Alternative 3 is now undergoing PennDOT reviews and environmental documents are being prepared. A drawing of Alternative 3 and the other alternatives studied can be viewed using the links to the right.

Project Schedule and Next Steps

The project is nearing the completion of its preliminary design phase. Preliminary design will conclude in Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 and begin the final design phase. Final design activities will include right-of-way negotiations, utility coordination, conceptual wetland mitigation plan preparation, and environmental permit preparation. Final design will extend through 2021. Upon completion of right-of-way acquisitions and relocation of impacted utilities, the project will be advertised for construction to begin in the spring of 2022.